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CTS International hosts the 2017 annual shareholders meeting and the 18th meeting of its 3rd board of directors


On May 10, 2018, CTS International hosted its 2017 annual shareholders meeting and the 18th meeting of its 3rd board of directors. Attendees included Zhu Bixin, President of China Chengtong Holdings Group and Chairman of the company, the company’s directors Wang Youqian, Zhang Min and Chen Yu, independent directors Lin Jianqing and Mao Ning, Board Secretary Yu Yongqian, Supervisory Board Chairman Tang Guoliang, Supervisor Xing Junxiang, Employee Supervisor Lu Guoqing, and shareholders and shareholder agents of the company. The meeting was presided over by chairman Zhu Bixin.

The meeting consisted of on-the-spot voting and online voting. After the serious deliberation of shareholder representatives, the meeting approved the Report on the Work of the Board of Directors in 2017, the Financial Statement Report in 2017, the Selection of Mr. Sun Jin as the Director of the Company and seven other decisions. The meeting also consisted of the deliberation over and acceptance of the proposal titled Matters about China Travel Logistics and Trading Hong Kong Limited and CTS International Logistics Corporation(HK) Limited Offering a Guarantee for the CTS International Logistics (H.K.) Co., Limited to Apply for Liquidity Loans at BNP Paribas.

2018 was its first complete year of operation after the equity transfer of CTS International. At this point, CTS International is at a period of strategic opportunity. The company’s managers and entire staff will follow the work requirements of the board of directors, continue to enhance the enterprise’s core competitiveness, operations and management, strive to realize all of the 2018 targets, and work for new breakthroughs at this new starting point.