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CTS International wins its first Golden Bull Award for Listed Companies


On August 15, the Award Ceremony for the 19th Golden Bull Award for Listed Companies and Summit Forum, organized by China Securities Journal, was held in Guiyang. CTS International and another 150 enterprises won the “Golden Bull Investment Value Award 2016,” the first Golden Bull Award for CTS International since it was listed.

Organized by the China Securities Journal of China Fortune Media Group, the Golden Bull Award is one of the top awards in China’s capital market, and it is billed as an “Oscar statuette” for listed companies. Since 1999, nineteen enormously influential sessions have been hosted. The award selection features a rigorous, objective, scientific and transparent assessment system. The objective is to build the most authoritative, professional and efficient communications and brand display platform, while shaping an authoritative award for the most credible listed companies. Over these 19 years, the organizer has made sustained efforts to improve the award design and assessment indicators for all factors and from multiple perspectives. It aims to use scientific analysis to build a performance evaluation system that best reflects the investment value of listed companies.

This year’s session offered the Golden Bull Investment Value Award, the Golden Bull Wealth Creation Leader Award, the Best Golden Bull Company Secretary Award and the Best Investors Relations Management Award, with the first best reflecting the sustainable development capacity of an enterprise.

To conduct a proper evaluation for the Golden Bull Investment Value Award, China Securities Journal worked with the Institute of Economic Research of Renmin University in China to use methods featuring the combination of qualitative research and quantitative analysis, as well as comparative research and comprehensive analysis. While ensuring the financial security of listed companies, they used these methods to reveal the actual performance of enterprises from perspectives like financial benefits, asset quality, normal risks, development capacity and market performance. The organizer selected 13 financial indicators, such as debt repayment capacity, capacity for profitability, asset management capacity and growth capacity, to select 150 companies out of over 3,200 listed companies with outstanding performance, standardized management and role model significance.

By winning the Golden Bull Award, CTS International has drawn the attention of the market, thanks to its brand value and investment value, as a leading, cross-border, third-party, modern, integrated logistics enterprise.

Since CTS International was listed, it has followed a strategic positioning of “cross-border, third-party, modern, integrated logistics,” and it has maintained its market-oriented reform, integrated network operations, intensive development and innovation-driven development. It has worked to enhance its core position in the industry, and it has used its complete network layout to expand air exports, air imports, seaborne exports, seaborne imports, direct client contract logistics, third-party warehouse logistics, engineering logistics, overseas peer cooperation, supply chain trade and cross-border e-commerce logistics; through mergers, acquisitions and capital operations, it has made inroads into power, nuclear logistics, high-barrier special logistics and import distribution franchise logistics to grow in both size and strength. It has implemented an intelligent IoT plan to realize internal growth and leapfrog development, thus maintaining fast improvement in performance.

The Golden Bull Award was conferred to entrepreneurs as well as enterprises. In this year’s session, the “Golden Bull Wealth Creation Leader Award” was conferred to 30 enterprises out of 150 winners of the “Golden Bull Investment Value Award,” aiming to commend both enterprise leaders with outstanding team management performance and managers enjoying sound reputations in the industry. In early July, the organizer sent a notice that General Manager Zhou Xuqing had won the “Golden Bull Wealth Creation Leader Award” and was invited to attend the award ceremony. He repeatedly declined the invitation, which reflected the fine traditions of CTS International, which has always valued corporate governance, collective wisdom, power and the joint efforts of its operation teams. The two honors signify that CTS International has won the recognition of the capital market.